You can track time using the PK4 TimeTracker web app.

The Salesforce administrator creates a user ID for you, and you receive an email with the AppKey, Employee ID, and Password.

To log in to the PK4 TimeTracker Web app, click the link below on your Laptop/Desktop. Enter the App Key, Employee ID, and Password:

For Check-Ins:

  • You see a Check-In button in the menu bar; click it to track time for the project you are currently working on.
  • Click the Check-Out button to Check-Out.

Note: You can add time to the future dates using the Multi-Line and Multi-Day features. However, if you check in on the same day from the Menu bar, you can't rely on the status, as it will change to "checked-in" again upon refresh. Your previous entry will not be checked out automatically. 


For logging time on projects you have already worked on:

  • Utilize the Multi-Line tab. Select the Project, Task, Notes, Start Date, and Hours worked, then click the Submit button.
  • You can enter up to 10 time details at once. If there are more entries, submit the first 10 records and then enter the remaining time details.
  • To view the latest time entries, click the Notes icon next to the Submit button.


  • If you are working on the same project every day, use the Multi-day tab.
  • In the Multi-day tab, select the Project and Task only once and enter the hours worked on that project for a fortnight.
  • You can also add images using the Multi-day page by clicking the Attachments button.
  • To add an attachment, save the attachment file on your laptop, search for that file, and then attach it using the Attachments option.
  • Additionally, you can enter time for the weekends by clicking the checkbox "Include Weekends" and then clicking the Submit button to save the entered time.

My Time

  • The My Time tab displays all of your time entries, and by default, it shows entries for the current month. You can adjust the Start and End dates by clicking the calendar option at the top of the My Time page. Additionally, you can edit time details by clicking the edit button at the end of each time entry.
  • You also have the option to add comments to your time entry from the edit page. These comments are visible to your manager, and your manager can respond to them. Click here to learn more about the Discuss/Comments option.


  • If you are using the PTO Module in the TimeTracker application, you can apply for a PTO using the PTO Page.
  • Your PTO Manager will Approve or Reject your PTO, and you see the PTO status in the My PTO page.


  • If you are using the Expenses Module in the TimeTracker application, you can add your Expenses in the Expenses page,
  • Your Expense Manager will approve your Expenses. You can check the Expense status in the My Expenses page to know if your expenses are Approved and Reimbursed.


  • The Dashboard displays details of the projects you worked on, including the hours and minutes.
  • There are different types of dashboards in the TimeTracker web app. They provide information about the projects you worked on, including the hours you spent on each project in a day, etc.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten the password for the TimeTracker web app, you can reset the password by following the instructions below.

  • On the TimeTracker web login screen,
  • Enter the App Key and the Employee ID,
  • And click the Forgot Password string,
  • In the next screen you see the App Key, enter the Employee ID and click the Submit button,
  • An OTP is emailed to you,
    • The OTP email will be sent to the email address of the contact that is associated with your TT User ID, 
  • Enter the OTP, New Password, and Confirm Password, and click the Save button.

Now the new password is set up for your TimeTracker web app.


If you are an Approver and set as Reporting Manager to the users, you can approve their time details by following the instructions here.