Only the TimeTracker users that have access to the TimeTracker objects in Salesforce can use the Multiline Time Entry screen.

Some examples of using the Multiline Time Entry screen,

  • If the user forgot to Check-In while working on a project, 
  • Some people work on multiple projects in a day and would like to enter those details at the end of the day, or
  • In some orgs, the users enter the time details once a week, and those users can make use of the Multiline Time Entry screen
  • The data entry operators enter the Time details of the TimeTracker users, as the TimeTracker users work at a remote place where they do not have a proper data connectivity

The users can enter an unlimited number of time details at a time,

To enter the time

  • Go to the Multiline Time Entry screen,
  • Select the Start Date and Time
  • Project
  • Task,
  • Hours Worked, etc., and click the Submit button

By default, the users can enter up to 10-time entries, and click the "Add more lines" string that is at the bottom of the screen to add 10 more lines.

 All the time details added to the Multiline Time Entry screen get saved as TT Details in Salesforce.

The Salesforce user can log time details for other TimeTracker users by following the instructions here.