You can add time details for yourself and other TimeTracker users by utilizing the Multiline, Multi-day, or Weekly tabs in Salesforce.

Ensure that the user you wish to add time for is created as a TimeTracker user in your organization. Only then can you search for their name and add time using the Multiline Entry tab.

To add time for other users:

  1. Your TimeTracker user ID should be enabled with the checkbox labeled "Log Timesheets for Multiple Users." This feature allows you to enter time for other TimeTracker users in your organization.
  • Click here to learn more about enabling the option to add time for other TimeTracker users

To enter time for other users:

  • Navigate to the Multi Entry tab.
  • Select the desired user from the "TT User" field.
  • Enter the time details.
  • Click the Submit button.

Upon submission, the time details will be added for the selected user from the user list.