A Notification is a message that notifies the user on the device about a new Job/Project assignment or if there are any changes made to the assigned Job/Project.

The Salesforce Administrator will enable the notifications in the PK4 TimeTracker configurations screen.

Once notifications are enabled in your organization, PK4 TimeTracker users will receive alerts on their devices for the following scenarios:

  1. New Job/Project Assignment:

    • Users will be promptly notified when a new job or project is assigned to them.
  2. Changes to Start or End Dates:

    • Receive instant notifications if any adjustments are made to the start or end dates of assigned projects.

These notifications are designed to appear on the user's device, even when the screen is locked or when they are not actively using the PK4 TimeTracker app. This ensures that users stay informed about important updates without the need to constantly check the application.

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