The QR code is automatically generated for Contacts and Volunteers in your org.

  • When a Contact is created in Salesforce, a Contact QR code is generated automatically. The QR code is unique for each Contact and can be found on the Contact details page.
  • When a volunteer Signs up for a Job/Shift, the QR Code gets generated for the volunteer. You see the QR code of the signed-up volunteers when you go to the Signed up volunteers details screen (as in the screenshot at the end of this article)
    • The Volunteer Hours QR code is a combination of Volunteer Contact and the Job/Shift Salesforce ID that is unique for each volunteer.

Scanning the QR code for Check-In/Out

  • If there are no specific Jobs/Shifts in your org and volunteers just walk in any time for volunteering, then the volunteers can use their Contact QR code for Check-In/Out
  • If there are Jobs/Shifts that the volunteers signup, 
    • You should email the QR code to volunteers every time they signup for a Job/Shift. As a new QR code gets generated with a combination of Job/Shift ID and Volunteer name and the QR code is different each time.