When you track time using any of the PK4 TimeTracker applications, such as Mobile,  Web, or the Salesforce app. All those time entries are saved and shown in the TT Details tab in Salesforce and are submitted for approvals.

Your Manager will check the time details and approves them.


  • The default Approval Status for the time entry is "Pending Approval" in the PK4 TimeTracker application. The time details are submitted for approval immediately after you Check-In and Check-Out for a Project using the TimeTracker application,
  • The Salesforce Administrator at your org can change the default status to "Unsubmitted" so the time details entered by the user are saved and not submitted for approval.
    • If you are a Salesforce user, then you can review your time entries and then submit them for approvals by following the instructions here,
  • Please talk to the Salesforce administrator at your org if you need to change the default approval Status.