We suggest the oAuth for the V4S Mobile is enabled only for the Salesforce Administrators in your org.

By default, when the app is installed in your org, the oAuth option is enabled for all the Salesforce Users in your org.

If a non-Salesforce administrator that does not have access to the V4S Mobile objects processes the oAuth for the V4S Mobile app by mistake. Then the volunteers will notice an issue with the V4S Kiosk application in your org.


The volunteers will not see the correct Jobs/shifts displayed on the V4S Kiosk app,

The volunteer Check-In and Check-Out time is not tracked in Salesforce,

The scheduler that updates the volunteer status, might not work correctly.

To disable the oAuth option for non-Salesforce Administrators

Settings to be made in the Permission Set

  • Log in to Salesforce as Admin
  • Click on Setup and search for Permission sets in the quick find
  • Click the New button from the list
  • Enter the permission set information,
  • Select the license as Salesforce and Save it,

After you save the permission set,

  • You see the Apps list,
  • Click on "Assigned Connected Apps" and click the Edit button,
  • Add the V4S Mobile oAuth to the Enabled Connected Apps list and save it,

Settings to be made in the V4S Mobile Connected Apps

  • Search for Manage Connected app in the quick find
  • Click the Edit button for the V4S Mobile in the Connected Apps section
  • Select the "admin approved users are Pre-authorized" in the oAuth Policies
  • Save it.

Settings to be made in the User Profile

  • Search for Profiles in Quick find,
  • Click on the System Administrator profile,
  • From the Connected App Access section, disable the V4S Mobile oAuth check box
  • Save it.

Settings to be done on the Users page,

  • Search for Users in the Quick find,
  • Select the user from the user name from the user's list,
  • Hover on the "Permission set Assignments", and click the Edit Assignments,

  • Select the Enable Permission for the V4S Mobile administrator, to the Enabled permission Sets list and Save it.

Now the oAuth for the V4S Mobile application is enabled only for Salesforce Administrators.

Note: After you hide the oAuth option for non-Salesforce administrators, please process the oAuth from the system administrator by following the instructions here. Then start using the app for volunteers regularly for their check-ins/out.